Turn Your Old Fruit Into Booze With This Awesome New Gadget!

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Now there is an awesome way to take your old fruit and turn it into your very own happy hour!

Alchema is a new countertop device that ferments fruit into delicious homebrewed craft cider — and it’s as easy to use as a coffee machine. 

Currently making waves on Kickstarter (it made its funding in record time) and at the nerdtastic tech expo CES, the Alchema makes homemade cider a simple process. While synched with your smartphone, it works in conjunction with an app that guides you along the normally tenuous homebrewing process. It comes pre-loaded with recipes to accommodate a wide variety of fruits from apples to pineapples to raspberries. 


Right now, the easiest and quickest way to score an Alchema is to donate $329 to its Kickstarter project: That will land you a machine when they launch in July 2017. That gives you approximately six months to start a collection of old fruit.

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