TV Show Pulls Cruel Mother’s Day Prank On 13-Year-Old Girl

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I just don’t see the humor in this ‘prank’.

In a bizarre #Mother’s Day prank, a Cambodian variety show decided to fake a reunion between a daughter and her long-lost mother.

Autumn Allen, a 13-year-old singer, appeared on MyTV’s “Penh Chet Ort (“Like It or Not”) on Sunday for a special Mother’s Day episode. The girl said that she had not seen her mother since she was six years old when she left the United States for Cambodia with her father.

The host of the show then told Allen that her “dream” of meeting her mother would come true. Allen then began to tear up on stage when recalling memories of her mother as a child. But when one of the hosts finally brought out Allen’s supposed mother, it was male comedian, Chuop Rolin, dressed up in a wig and dress.

The Internet reacted in anger over the cruel prank and shared messages of support for the singer on her Facebook page. Allen later told the Phnom Penh Post, “At the moment I was sad that I could not see my real mother, but I had fun doing the show.” But MyTV eventually sent Allen a letter of apology for the episode, which she shared with her fans.

Instead of an apology, maybe the show should try to track down her real mother. It is rumored that the mother is living in Arizona.

Source : HuffPost