Twin Boys Tried To Sell Their 8ft Teddy Bear And Someone Very Unexpected Bought It

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Money is hard to come by when you are a kid. There are only so many ‘paid’ chores you can do and lets face it…when you are a kid, you want cool stuff. Cool stuff that your parents are not always willing to dish out the cash for!

8-year-old twins, Allen and Brandon, were in California trying to sell “Big Bear”, their 8ft tall teddy bear. The asking price was a clean $50. An hour in to the endeavor, they had no luck.


The pair were getting frustrated, but then a white Cadillac pulled up and someone very unexpected got out. Angelina Jolie! Angelina gladly paid the boys $50 each for the large bear. The twins were not sure at first who Angelina was, but after a few Kung Fu Panda references, the boys thought it was pretty freakin’ cool!


What’s Angelina going to do with the massive bear? Who knows! It certainly made the twins day and I’m sure some lucky kid will be receiving an 8 foot teddy bear very soon!

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