Twins Pull Epic Prank On An Unsuspecting Tattoo Artist

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Just think of the pranks you could pull if you have a twin! There are endless possibilities of messing with people when you have an identical twin and the twins over at LifeOfTwinz exploit their ‘twinness’ in a big, hilarious way!

The set up in this video is simple. Twin one sits down to get inked. The artist, Nikki, gets a good start on the tattoo when twin one says he needs to take a break to go to the bathroom.

To add a layer of distraction to the prank, an accomplice in the waiting area checks out the work in progress before the break.

When Twin one hits the bathroom, Twin two is waiting with a smudged out spot on his arm right where the tattoo-in-progress is on his brother’s. When he comes out of the bathroom, he’s furious: what kind of fake tattoo ink rubs right off?

The reaction from the tattoo artists is priceless.


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