Two Snakes Fight Fierce Battle In Viral Video And It’s The Most Ridiculous Fight Ever

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Two Mulga snakes fought a fierce battle and it was all captured on video via the Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s. The fight continued for over an hour and it was incredibly lame.

A short video of two snakes engaging in a fierce battle at the Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia. The one-minute clip was posted on Facebook by the official account of Australian Wildlife Conservancy and has gone viral on social media.

Ecologist Tali Moyle, who recorded the footage, said that as mating season commences, male snakes begin wrestling in order to establish their dominance.

“Hiss and make up? Not an option for these feisty Mulga Snakes, seen fighting for well over an hour at our Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary. According to AWC ecologist Tali Moyle, who recorded the footage: “Mating season starts in early spring and the males start wrestling, attempting to push each other over to prove their dominance, for the right to mate with the females. Although Mulga Snakes are fairly common, it’s not too often you see this behaviour – this is only the second time I’ve seen it”,” Australian Wildlife Conservancy said in the caption of their post.

“Never a dull moment at Scotia. The 65,000-hectare sanctuary encompasses a large fox and cat-free area (8,000 hectares) and protects some of Australia’s largest remaining populations of threatened wildlife,” it added.

Watch the video below: