VIDEO | Two Way Mirror Horror Prank Comically Backfires

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For most horror movie studios, the job is done if they scare the hell out of audiences on the silver screen. For Roadshow Entertainment, the studio behind The Conjuring 2, that’s not good enough.

At a warehouse screening promoting the film’s DVD, that dedication to fright was taken to new heights with a terrifying prank on the audience — but in one case, the tables were turned on the pranksters.

The audience was told that select members would be interviewed after seeing the film. These interviews would be conducted in a separate, private room, alone.

What the viewers didn’t know, was that the room had been specially built beforehand with a two-way mirror and secret door, behind which hid an actress in full demonic nun makeup, just like the ghastly figure from the film.

Check it out below…it is super freaky! The last guy who gets pranked has a special gift for the ghostly nun!


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