Two Young Men Filmed Their Final Moments Before Horrific Accident

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The dangers of driving erratically for fun are very real. In this case, driving at high speeds and weaving in and out of traffic cost two young men their lives.

Michael Owen (21) and Kyle Careford(20) of Sussex, England were joking with one another about how fast they were driving. As Kyle drove his car to speeds of 90 MPH, Michael filmed. You can hear Michael telling Kyle to slow down and then to go a little faster and then it all stops. The car crashed into a church, the audio from the camera goes silent and the two had tragically passed away as a result of the accident.


Michael left behind a beautiful 4-year-old daughter. Drugs, that were not taken were found throughout the car and Kyle didn’t have a drivers licence.


Let this be a lesson to all drivers, especially young ones…a vehicle is a dangerous weapon. You can kill yourself or others if not used in a responsible manner. Two young men with their entire lives ahead of them are gone and a little girl is left without a father, while two sets of parents are left without sons. All because they wanted ‘to go 90’.

Via – Sussex Police