Types Of Iron Weight Plates That Can Boost Your Workout

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Weights are an essential workout gear for strength training. Fitness enthusiasts all over the world use weights for building muscle and toning their bodies. Strength training is a fitness activity that requires expert guidance, at least in the beginning, but professional muscle builders and athletes no longer monopolize it. Weights are now used for all kinds of workouts ranging from simple aerobics training to complex cross-fit workouts.

There are lighter iron weights that you can use for home workouts and self-guided workouts. Platforms like Best of Everything review a range of products that enhance your workout. There are different types of iron weights that you can use for your gym workouts and your home workouts.

Standard Weight Plates

Standard weights are the traditional choice in gyms. They have one diameter holes and cannot fit into Olympic bars. Typically used for barbell training, standard weight plates are great for building muscle strength and stability. The weights are attached to each end of long standard bars. During workouts and training, the bar is balanced between arms and shoulders.

Olympic Weight Plates

Olympic weight plates are very similar to standard weight plates. They come with two diameter center holes and fit into Olympic bars. Training with Olympic weight plates is similar to training with standard weight plates. The plates are built with cast iron and come in weights and sizes that may range up to 50 kg per plate.

Olympic weight plates are great for intermediate-level lifters and advanced lifters. They are more stable and more reliable than standard weight plates. Most power racks and bars can fit Olympic weight plates, and they offer a lot of versatility.

Rubber Weight Plates

Rubber weight plates have an extra rubber coating to offer protection and comfort to users. The rubber coating also protects the weight plates from breaking or cracking during falls. Rubber weight plates are more durable than other standard plates.

Weight plate manufacturers also sell Olympic weight plates in nonstandard sizes. It may be a good idea to physically inspect the rubber weight plates to ensure they offer a good grip and don’t slide off the bar.

Bumper Weight Plates

Bumper weight plates are rubber plates that are made of high-density rubber. They come in standard sizes and shapes in the global fitness market. There are specific cross-fit workouts and other core workouts that can be done only using bumper weight plates. They are more expensive than other weight plates, but they are also more versatile and more durable.

The high-density rubber coating protects the weights, bars, and the gym floor from cracking or breaking. There are different kinds of bumper weight plates that you can buy.

Technique bumper plates come with a single rubber coating layer and don’t have an iron ring around the barbell hole. These plates are great for beginners and typically come in 2.5kg and 5kg weights.

Training bumper plates are more standard than technique bumper plates and are great for inexperienced lifters who are new to the world of lifting and cross-fit training. Competition bumper plates are for experts and come with specific size restrictions. According to IWF regulations, the plates must be +0.1% and -0.05%.

Incremental Plates

Fractional weight plates or incremental plates come in smaller measurements and weights. You can buy them in sizes that range from 0.5KG discs to 5kg discs.

Incremental weights are great for beginner workouts and help the user get used to the process of lifting. Trainers use incremental weight plates for beginner clients who are obese or overweight. The users can level over time as they gain experience and expertise.

Calibrated Steel Plates

Popularly called powerlifting plates, calibrated weight plates are for expert lifters and professional weight lifters and athletes. The striking feature about powerlifting plates is that they are made of thin steel. The thin steel discs come in weights of up to 50kg. Powerlifting weights are more expensive and more durable than other regular weight plates and are used in high-end gyms.

Since the discs have a slimmer profile, they come with 50mm center holes. Powerlift plates may not fit into standard barbells and may require specialized commercial bars. When trainers want to increase the weight of the bar, more plates are added to the bar.

Consult an Expert

If you plan on buying work plates for your home gym, you may consult an expert like Best of Everything to guide you in choosing the right type of weight plates. The choice would depend on your experience level, the kind of fitness training you plan to undertake, and your physical capacity.