UBER App Can Secretly Spy On Your iPhone And See Everything That’s On Your Screen

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Uber App Spying iPhone

(REUTERS/Tyrone Siu)

UBER isn’t doing this in a sketchy way, they were actually given permission to do so by Apple themselves! Scary right?

The Uber app for iOS has been given a unique privilege on the operating system which allows the app to spy on the iPhone’s screen, a researcher has discovered.

ZDNet reports that the Uber app can read the screen buffer in iOS (whatever is displayed on your screen), allowing it to view and potentially record anything on your iPhone’s screen without your knowledge.

This technology was created by Apple and was intended to be used to as a very specific application to send information from a users iPhone to their Apple watch. This would allow what is displayed on a users iPhone screen, to be mirrored onto their watch.

Well, this technology isn’t being used just for that purpose as this article advises.

There are a few worrisome issues with UBER having the ability to record and save all of your screen data. One, given the companies history with tracking user locations and data history. But the scarier problem is the potential for Uber’s permissions to be used by hackers. If someone could compromise the Uber app through a security flaw, they’d be able to use the app’s screen recording privilege to spy on any number of things on your device, including two-factor authorization texts and passwords.