Uber Rider Caught On Camera Stealing Money From Drivers Tip Jar

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uber rider steals tips

A New York City Uber driver is out of his daily tips after one of his customers stole them as she exited the vehicle and everything was caught on camera.

The video below was taken from inside the Uber drivers vehicle. It’s said the incident took place in downtown Manhattan. The driver was giving a lift to three occupants and when they reached their destination, the woman sitting in the middle seat started eyeballing the Uber drivers tip jar that sat on top of the middle console.

The woman looked at the tip jar and then the vehicles camera (which was pointing right at her), grabbed a piece of clothing in an attempt to cover her dishonest act and when the car stopped…she made her move. The woman grabbed all the cash from the tip jar and exited the vehicle in a hurry!

The driver sadly noticed his tips were missing a little too late. He honked the horn and exited the vehicle…but the thief had already disappeared into the busy Manhattan crowd.

Not cool lady…not cool.