29 Unbelievable Photos That Prove Australia Is The Craziest Place

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Considering just how far away Australia is from the United States, it explains why people choose not to visit that often. But if you’ve never been there, after seeing these photos, you’ll understand why it’s worth it to go. Known for its vast landscapes, gorgeous scenery, the Great Barrier Reef and more marsupials than you can count, Oz – as it’s called – is home to some of the most laidback people ever. Their Christmas season is in the middle of summer, many of them don’t even bother to wear shoes (even in the middle of their actual winter season in June and July) and admittedly, it’s hard to understand them when they speak.
If we haven’t convinced you yet, take a look at these 29 photos that are so unbelievable, they prove that Australia is actually the craziest place.