Unexpected Motion Sickness Almost Ruins Man’s High Flying Surprise Marriage Proposal

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Imagine this…you are flying high in a small plane, just you, the pilot and the love of your life. You flying over the beautiful California lands and you are about to pop the biggest question of your life…but…you start feeling sick. Is it nervous butterflies? Nope, it is motion sickness and you are about to make a very romantic situation, not so romantic. 

That was the case for one poor soul named Darrell Hamilton Junior. Darrell had placed a large sign in the backyard of his cousin’s home and took to the sky with girlfriend Rheanna Faye to pop the big question, ‘Will you marry me?’. 

Things didn’t go quite as planned. 

As they were flying over the spot where the sign was placed, the pilot motioned to Rheanna to look out her window. At that point, Darrell had the ring box in hand, but instead of fighting of the butterflies…he was trying to hold back vomit. 

Darrell didn’t anticipate being sick, but it was coming and coming fast. 

Darrell quickly tapped Rheanna on the shoulder in order to grab her attention away from looking out the window. When she turned, he popped the question in an instant and then…spewed his sickness all over the plane. 

This might just be one of the truest tests of love. Rheanna said yes and instead of sharing a kiss…they kissed hands and touched them together. 

You know you have found ‘the one’, when you can hurl as you are asking her to marry you…and she says yes!

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