6 Unique And New Home Decor Gifts For Housewarming

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It is one of the greatest achievements to purchase a new home of your own. It marks a fresh start for the family and is valued for the rest of their lives. A new house is a great reason to celebrate, and it makes the event even better with a thoughtful housewarming gift from your loved ones. It is important to have a present for your host if you were invited to a housewarming party. It would be best if you bought a nice gift that reminds them of you.

The acquisition of a good gift is always a challenge. A new house demands a little extra love to make you feel at home. You can have too many attractive choices, but if you have to pick the perfect present, it can be tough. It is the thought that matters when it comes to purchasing an ideal housewarming present. There is no reason to dwell on issues that motivate your loved ones to move to their new place and new life. Here are some unparalleled ideas for housewarming that will facilitate you to purchase a memorable gift for your loved ones.

1. Religious Idols

The Hamsa is a sign of security in Jewish and Islamic culture, which indicates joy, good wellbeing, and prosperity, which many people hang in their houses. A beautiful cross can be a welcome gift for a Christian home, a symbol of protection against evil, fire, and hunger. A dream catcher or horseshoe does the trick for non-religious people who are still involved in having some festive luck.

A lot of people also like to put Indian Gods and Goddesses in their homes. It is considered to bring luck by gifting a statue of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi. You can also give idols and photographs of other deities based on the person’s religious faith.

2. Wall Art/ Photo Prints

Many people like to furnish their homes with pictures and a beautiful painting that can add a new dimension to the house. Take a theme-oriented painting like nature, ease of meditation on Buddha, or an abstract piece of modern art.

Canvas photo prints from CanvasPop helps you to preserve the images on the best standard canvas available. You can easily upload the picture on their website and customize the design as per your needs. They’re known for their premium quality canvases, and you will not be disappointed.


If you are close enough to your friend to know their style, give them a good housewarming present which they can appreciate as long as they live in their new homes. You can bring charm or laughter to the interior of your friend’s house with a piece of art for the wall.

3. Scented Candles

Decorative and aromatic candles can be simple but are an effective gift option, and they can act as good decorations, in which the homeowners can light up on special occasions. If you’re searching for limited yet appropriate gifting choices, then scented candles are nearly ideal for new neighbors.

While candles are traditional gifts for a housewarming party, a diffuser, an air-humidifier, or an essential oil package may add a gift of freshness into a household. Find a fragrance that fits in with the seasons as in the autumn, apples and potatoes, wintergreen tea, spring floral fragrances, and clean summer linen.

4. A Gift Box with items included

When you can’t offer a present or offer something special, it will be a perfect idea to get a handmade gift package composed of a variety of exclusive pieces. When it comes to making a basket, there is no end to your imagination. The food-sized gift basket can be handmade, and you can add things such as homemade marmalade, dried cranberry packets, any rare dried herbs, homemade milk, etc. You may also render things that appear colorful and also a few little showcase pieces or decoration objects.


5. Table cloth/ Bed Linen

Everyday housing items such as table cloths, blankets, cushions, and curtains are the perfect home presents that you might think about. These items are relevant and convenient gift options since they are available every day. Instead of gifting monotonous household pieces or regular collections, look for decorated, colorful, and fashionable variations. If you are looking for a gift for a close-knit family, these things are surely the right choice.

6. Gift cards

There is too much to purchase as you switch to a new apartment, so your handmade gift will help you get the job done. Place a gift card in a nice envelope and have your friends purchase things that they wanted to finish in a space or even store in cabinets.

If you have no idea what is going to be the right gift to the event, then go for a gift card. Often, it is best to have them pick what they want, so a gift card allows them the opportunity to do so. Most e-commerce portals and retail outlets offer different denominations of gift cards. Set a budget for an excellent gift.

A gift does not have to be expensive. It is more important to express feelings and emotions. A housewarming event in India can be one event in life for many, and you can make the event unforgettable for all of your loved ones with your gifts and good wishes.