Unique Two-Faced Goat Born At Wisconsin Farm

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An unusual farm animal is getting a lot of attention on one Wisconsin farm.

The baby goat was born with two heads, on April 5. Janus the double-faced goat is named after an ancient Roman god that had two heads.

Nueske and her family run a goat farm (Nueske Farms LLC) in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. In six years of milking and thousands of goat births, she’s never seen anything like this.

“I’ve heard of two-headed cows, and lizards, but not a goat,” said Nueske.

Nueske says the kid really has twin heads.

“There’s four eyes, and two mouths, but they weren’t sure if the middle eyes worked — but they were positive about the outside eyes working,” she said.

Nueske says Janus had a visit to the veterinarian on Monday, and is doing fine.

“He’s a normal goat. We just have to help him. We try to help him as much as we can, and give him a break when he gets tired,” she said.

Janus got to visit the other goats Tuesday morning. Nueske says the little kid is getting stronger every day.

“Hopefully he can walk in a month. That would be good. I think that would be our goal,” she said.

And once Janus is on his feet, he will likely spend his time as a family pet.

The Nueskes say they’ve already become attached to the little goat and are looking forward to seeing Janus grow up.