University Professor Believes He Discovered Population Of Fairies And Publicly Shows The ‘Proof’

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Professor John Hyatt recently issued quite the bizarre statement, to say the least. He reported that he had met up in the past with multiple strange creatures that have never been seen before. Oh, and that they (the creatures) also state that they don’t exist.

Needless to say, making statements like that, publicly, is almost always an invitation for severe criticism. Unless you have proof to back up your claims, right?

The professor claimed that a whole civilization of fairies lives in the English Countryside of Rossendale, and he’s got pictures to back up his claims too.

He stated that the fairies are very similar to us physically, except for the overall size of the body we’re practically identical one to another.

He’s not the only one with proof of fairy creatures however. Back in 2009 a woman named Phyllis Bacon snapped a quick photo of what appears to be a living fairy flying around in her garden in New Addington, Southern London.

What is happening across the pond? HA!

Those are not the only reports of fairy encounters. Some reports date decades back. Frances Griffiths reportedly fell into a stream while playing around ‘fairies’ back in 1917. According to most reports, it is actually quite impossible to resist their temptation, and if they seek something that you can provide you can’t fight it in the slightest.