Hypnosis Site Claims It Will Make You Forget Your Favorite TV Shows, So You Can Watch Them Again!

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unspoil me hypnosis forget tv netflix shows

It’s not surprise that just about everyone has a favorite TV or Netflix series that they binge on. But what happens when the series ends and we are forced to wait another year for more to come? We get sad and upset, wanting more, wanting to feed the addiction but there is nothing left to feed us. 

Well, have no fear! There is a new website that claims that it will erase your memories DVR and allow you to watch your favorite TV shows again…as though you have never seen them before! 

unspoil me hypnosis forget tv netflix shows

Samsung’s brand new website, Unspoil Me, claims to help your mind to delete the memories of whatever television show you choose through a singular hypnosis session.


The site claims that a professional hypnotist guides you through the entire process. 

In order for the hypnosis to work and your mind’s DVR to be erased, it’s suggested that you find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. The site also recommends that you use headphones during the session.

The session starts with a soothing male voice…and then the magic happens. 

Throughout the hypnosis process, you are asked to breathe, conjure up certain mental images, and do a s**t ton of counting.

You will be told a few stories along your journey, but you will more than likely be too relaxed and too zoned out to give a s**t. 

If nothing else comes from the hypnosis session, at least it can double as a calming meditation routine!

Check it out HERE!