UPS Driver Gives It His All On Slippery Icy Driveway

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This time of year, UPS drivers are probably some of the busiest, most hardworking people on the planet. They are forced to deliver packages, nonstop, despite the weather conditions and often work 12 hour plus days. Not all UPS drivers are go-getters, but the one in the video below is definitely an all star!

While attempting to deliver a package to a customer, the UPS driver was unable to make it up the customers driveway as it was covered in ice. After a few failed attempts to make it up the driveway, the driver braces himself against his truck, the customers package resting on the ice and with one big push off the truck — the package is sent sliding its way up the driveway. It was a success. With the driver sprawled out on his stomach in the middle of the driveway, the customer was able to catch the package while waiting in this garage.

This driver definitely deserves two thumbs up and raise!

UPS drivers are always getting caught on camera doing crazy cool things! Take the UPS driver below.

When one home owner left a package of their own for their loyal UPS deliver man they never expected to find this reaction to the gift on their home security system.

Caught on camera this UPS delivery man opens a Christmas gift that was left for him in appreciation for his hard work. Everything seems just fine as the delivery man opens and reads the card and then it happens. A full blown dance routine begins! The driver, clearly ecstatic that he was though of by a customer during the holiday season busts out his finest moves right there on the porch. Luckily for the world, it was all caught on tape!