UPS Employees Surprise Teenage Employee Who Walks 25-Miles To Work, With Jeep!

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This is such an awesome story! 

UPS workers in Alabama pooled their money together in order to buy a fellow employee, a new Jeep!

The teenage employee, Derrick Taylor (19) shows up to his job at UPS every single day, walking 25-miles to do so. 

Taylor is a loyal employee with drive and determination and those efforts were recognized by his peers in a big way! Retired UPS workers came in to clean and wash the Jeep and get it ready for the big reveal!

Taylor showed up for work and was greeted by all of his fellow employees and that is when they presented him with the gift. 

An emotional Taylor was overwhelmed and clearly very grateful. 

Before he was given the Jeep, a fellow employee gave some backstory on Taylor, telling everyone that ‘This young man wants to work so bad, he walks 25-miles to work, everyday!’. 

Check out the moment Taylor received the new ride, below!