Security Cameras Catch Package Thief Receiving Instant Karma! Ouch!

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UPS package thief instant karma

It’s never a good idea to steal from someone else. One, it’s just plain wrong and two, you will more than likely receive horrible Karma at some point in your life for your poor choice. In some cases, thieves get instant karma, and those are the just plain fun to witness!

In the video below, two packages are delivered to a home via UPS. A few moments later a car drives by, turns around and stops in front of the home where the packages were delivered. A woman exits the vehicle and proceeds to steal both packages from the home owners porch. Luckily for us – and the homeowner – there were security cameras up and running capturing the entire sketchy situation.

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As the woman begins walking back to the getaway vehicle, packages in hand, she slips and falls. The woman’s left ankle immediately appears to be pointing in a direction that isn’t normal and is clearly broken.

A man comes running out of the vehicle to aid the woman in distress and carries her back to the car. But before they thieves take off, the man runs back to grab the dropped the packages!