US TV Providers Go Mobile

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Mobile devices provide almost unlimited mobility. You can use them in any room of your home, outside, in transport, and even underwater! American TV providers can’t avoid the fact that their stationary services lose the attention of users, so they found a way out.



This provider is one of the biggest in the USA, with over 20 million active subscribers. Their new DirecTV app for iOS and Android allows you to get access to all the subscription features and more. You can use it to stream HDTV and astonishing 4K television onto your mobile device on the go.

Developers decided to combine a receiver, a DVR system, a remote, and a TV panel within the app. DirecTV app allows you to stream all your favorite channels to any AirPlay or Chromecast device, so you don’t need any TV equipment.

You can also record live shows and series, download on-demand content, or view everything online. Popular series like Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory usually air premiere episodes on their channels, so DirecTV is an excellent opportunity to get fresh TV content as soon as possible.

All in all, traditional TV in mobile format is still much better than separate apps by studios like HBO because the cheapest DirecTV plan allows you to watch over 100 channels without any timing limitations.

Comcast Xfinity Stream


Comcast is the company that still develops sophisticated TV hardware. Their latest bestseller X1 DVR allows you to record up to 500GB live TV by schedules and search the content using the voice assistant.

However, the app happens to be much cheaper. The minimal $45-plan allows you to stream as many as 140 channels and record as much GB of video as your device storage allows. Remote scheduling of home DVR is also presented.

Similarly to the DirecTV app, Xfinity Stream provides you with an impressive on-demand content library. You can stream and download some shows and movies for free if your plan includes them. Otherwise, you can purchase new titles or rent them for a period to pay less.

Sling TV


If you are a fan of hopping throw multiple channels per evening, then DISH service may fulfill your needs with over 190 channels for just $50. Unfortunately, it’s available for Hopper receiver owners only, so DISH networks developed a cross-platform Internet-only SlingTV service.

It doesn’t require any hardware except your smartphone or tablet but offers the same list of features as the original DISH Anywhere app. Unlike the previous two, SlingTV app allows you to subscribe only to channels that you really need.

Another convenient exclusive feature is Cloud DVR. It allows you to record live video on your own cell in Dish servers and play it on any Sling-compatible device later. This feature is not included in your plan, so you can activate and deactivate it anytime.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the TV era is far from dying and conquers more millions of subscribers yearly. The total user base of these 3 applications surpassed 30 million this year, so it makes sense to consider switching from traditional cable and satellite TV providers.