Use a Common Kitchen Tool to Open that Annoying Clamshell Packaging

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I’m sure you can relate when it comes to the hatred we have for those hard to open clam-shell packages that a ton of products come packaged in.

Getting them open is a huge pain in the you-know-what and if you don’t open them correctly you run the risk of cutting yourself on the sharp plastic edges.

Here is how you can open those pesky problem packages with a simple, common kitchen tool!

What you need: A manual rotary can opener.

What you do: Clamp down on one corner edge of the clamshell packaging and turn the handle, as if you were opening an actual can. Stop as soon as you get to the end of one side (the sharp wheels won’t turn around pointy plastic corners). Continue onto the next side, stopping at each corner.

It’s magic! The packaging should just peel apart, but if any bits are still stuck together, carefully slide a kitchen knife between the two layers. Remove the treasure within, toss the package, resume your life.

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