Use This Toothbrush And Receive A Full Dental Grade Cleaning Everyday, Right From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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You know that super clean and refreshed feeling your mouth has right after leaving the dentist and getting a cleaning? Yeah, that feeling. Well, you can now get that same exact feeling, right in the comfort of your own home.

It’s called MYST

You see, MYST toothbrush is a new, revolutionary toothbrush! A toothbrush that is like no other. For over a century we have been brushing our teeth with the same, old toothbrush. While the basic premise of the toothbrush remains, nothing about the design or function has changed in over 100-years. And while the basic toothbrush will provide you with cleaner teeth, it will not give you a dental grade cleaning. That is where the MYST toothbrush takes brushing your teeth to the next level.

How does this new technology ridden toothbrush provide, true dental grade cleanings – daily?

MYST™ toothbrush was designed by dentists and it’s the only toothbrush in the world powered by Expansion Radius Technology™, or XRT™.

What is XRT

XRT™ is truly revolutionary technology, allowing the toothbrush to deliver a complete cleaning of all your teeth — at the exact same time. Not only are you able to brush your teeth in just 30-seconds time, MYST™ powered by XRT™ will clean every surface of every tooth, along with the gum line – to ensure a full ‘dental grade’ cleaning.

Here are just a few of the benefits of MYST™

Save Time – By using MYST™ you will be reducing long, inefficient brushing sessions and making time for things that matter most.

Teeth Whitening – MYST™ doesn’t just clean your teeth, it will whiten them also! Using the built-in LED blue light combined with your favorite whitening product, you are able to clean and whiten your teeth at the exact same time!

Cleaner, Healthier Gums – MYST™ also includes a setting for gum massage, which will gently stimulate your gums. This helps to increase blood flow and introduce oxygen to the gum area, which may help eliminate harmful bacteria.

A Clean Antibacterial Mouthpiece – MYST™’s antibacterial silicone mouthpiece kills 99.99% of bacteria.

Super Easy To Use – MYST™ gives the optimal pressure and angle to clean every tooth evenly, including hard-to-reach areas and sensitive gum areas.

Always Be Ready To Brush – MYST™ comes with its very own charging dock station, so it will always be ready to brush, when you are!

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We also feel really good promoting a product with a money back guarantee stating that if you are not satisfied with the results you’re getting with MYST™, simply return it within 30-days and to receive a full and prompt refund of every penny you paid (you only cover cost of postage to return the product.)

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