Vacation Activities To Share With Your Kids

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Vacations offer great opportunities to spend more time with your kids especially when school work and work commitment usually come in the way of some quality family time.

You need to spend as much time together doing fun things to strengthen the bonds between you and your kids and also monitor their growth and development.

When planning a vacation with your kids, choose a destination and activities that you all can enjoy. It beats the purpose to go on a family vacation and have everyone go their own ways until you travel back again.

Here are some vacation activities to do with your kids.

New experiences

Your kids have their individual interests, which you should of course respect, but the holiday season has everything you need to take up a new hobby. You have lots of time on your hands, the weather is favourable, which means you can learn new things.

Introduce your kids to a new hobby or an experience they have never had before. This could be an extreme sport like sky diving or a more calm experience like dancing or learning how to make crafts by hand. Take advantage of your vacation to expand your horizons.

You can even have a photography drone capture the whole experience on video. (See


Instead of spending countless hours in front of a TV catching up with the episodes you missed from your favourite TV series, you can encourage a reading a culture among your kids by developing a small library in your home.

Your kids will pick up the habit of reading when you are an ardent reader yourself, so lead by example. Your home library should have a variety of books so that everyone can find something that plays to their taste.


Travelling with your kids is not as daunting as many people making it to be. The trick is to plan well and in good time so that everyone enjoy the experience.

When choosing a destination to travel to with your kids, pick one that is safe for kids and with attraction that they might enjoy. More importantly, always keep an eye on them. The last thing you want is losing your kids in a crowded city.

Travelling is good way to open the minds of your kids to new cultures and experiences so they grow up to be well-informed and tolerant adults who can fit into any society.

Teach them

With long working hours, it can be difficult to have a keen eye into the kind of young people your children are growing into. Vacations offer you an opportunity to have a closer look in their behaviors and how their personalities are shaping up.

You can then mold them into the kind of adults you want them to grow up to be by chastising them when they wrong and encouraging good behavior in them. Do not just be a critic though. Motivate and inspire them, and more importantly, teach through your actions.