Valentine’s Day: Surprise Your Valentine With A Thoughtful Gift

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We might have left the Christmas holidays behind us, but we’re not entirely safe from gift-giving just yet! There’s more shopping to do for an even more significant day – Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate the love you feel for your special other! This is the perfect time for it because it gives you the days needed to do some research, get creative, plan the budget and place the orders to prevent getting cliché and unmemorable gifts that would end up being hidden in a drawer in the closet.


Let’s face it, the traditional worn-out presents and ideas don’t work for everyone, at least not with a lasting impact, so why not put your mind to it and make it unique and thoughtful this year? If you truly can’t come up with anything that fully grasps how you feel about this special person, we’re here to the rescue with the following suggestions.


Non-Traditional Flower Gift

If there’s one gift that symbolises this very day it’s got to be a bouquet of red roses. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing to surprise your loved one with this kind of a cliché because flowers truly can make someone’s day, you could opt to add a little twist to it by ordering a Valentines day delivery of an edible bouquet instead. There are many services that can arrange a tasty and unique chocolate bouquet to give your loved one something lovely to display and savour from time to time.


Don’t sweat if you’re having Valentine’s dinner with a vegan, gluten or lactose-intolerant individual, as there are edible alternatives like chocolates that are organic, lactose and gluten-free. In case you still want to keep it to the actual thing, but still steer away from traditional roses or bouquets, you could choose a nicely wrapped plant in a pot that, as it grows, would symbolise the growing love you two share. Throw in a handwritten note (no need for poems!) and you’re done!


Bacon Roses Dark Chocolate

Who says roses and chocolates are only for her? Nope! It’s also for him. These edible bacon roses dipped in dark chocolate are mouth-watering.

The Manly Man

They’re not just lovely, they’re incredibly tasty. Every bite expressed sweetened and affection for the man of your life.

Your sweetheart is very special, so, he must be gifted with these wonderful bacon roses dark chocolate. The Manly Man Co® offers this unique romantic gift idea.


Fun Edible Hamper

Nothing translates care and love as knowing what your beloved person’s likes and dislikes are. Knowing that he or she prefers wine instead of gin, cheese and crackers instead of chocolates says you pay attention to your significant other. So, why not show that by getting them personalised Valentine’s day gifts in a hamper full of the yummy goodies they’d enjoy having while chilling with you at your stay-at-home date night. Much better than dining at an expensive restaurant, you’d agree?


Increase the dose of comfort and finish it up by adding a pair of slippers, bathrobe, or pampering essentials such as beauty and skincare products from top Australian brands. The outdoor enthusiasts who love sharing some alone time on picnics would appreciate a picnic treat box consisting of a rug for cosiness, carefully chosen snacks and bubbly to celebrate the day the proper way. Want to make it even more fun and tastier? Cook up something yourself and show off your cooking skills. Remember, as the German idiom goes, love goes through the stomach!


Book a Learning Experience

Speaking of edible valentine’s gifts, you can buy a set of snacks and other edible goods and have them neatly wrapped to treat both the eyes and stomach but if you want to take it up a notch perhaps you’d be better off signing you and your partner up for some cooking classes; now that’s an exciting learning experience you’d get to enjoy. Not to mention, it’s the chance to excel your cooking skills and create your own recipes the two of you would love to share.


Other learning experiences can be taking up knitting lessons, dancing, arts and crafts, language lessons, skating, paragliding, scuba diving – you name it! Just remember to find something both of you would enjoy because after all it’s supposed to be an experience you share together!


Celebrate the Moment

No matter where you are in the relationship, be it getting to know each other better, engaged, or married, celebrating the moment when you two met, reminiscing the love story you two have is always a great idea. There are various ways you can do so, either by taking your SO to the place where it all began or buying them an object that would remind them of the meeting itself.


However, if you’re more on the romantic side, figure out the GPS coordinates of the moment and place then order a constellation print online. How’s that for reaching for the stars? As an additional treat, get a Valentine’s day delivery of healthy snacks and drinks you two can toast with!


Daily or Monthly Dates


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to set up your own tradition of date nights in the relationship. Can’t think of a way how? Our suggestion is to come up with fun team-building games and buy board games that can help strengthen the bond you two share. This will especially come as a treat for those who love playing games with their romantic partner. Such activities could easily become your favourite pastime that you can do every day or every month depending on what you want your special tradition to be like.


Share with Others


If you’ve had the luck to be dating a minimalist, or you yourself are a minimalist too, then you know presents don’t mean that much to either of you. What you can do instead is share the love and joy you feel for each other with others. One idea is to donate to a charity together or make it your tradition to donate every year on this date. It doesn’t have to be in the form of money as you could also volunteer to help out together and you’d be surprised how much you’d end up enjoying spending the time being there for those in need.

Another example is to buy Valentine’s day delivery gifts and surprise those who have no money for it or those who don’t have a significant other or have lost them. That would certainly make them feel less lonely on this very day that reminds them of the lack of love.

The Gift of You


Now, this too might sound like a cliché, or that you ran out of ideas on what to get them but if you’re the kind of person who’s busy 24/7 there’s nothing that can make your partner happier than spending time alone with you – no disturbance, no distractions, just you and them. What could be better than gifting them with something as precious as your time? Leave the phone aside, let the work tasks pile up for a change, and just be (the) present on this romantic day!