Vape God, Lord, And Queen: Strange Dispatches From The Edge Of Vape Culture

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Vape culture is a many-layered thing. There are all sorts of strange phenomena that have come from it. Here is a taste of what it means to be a vape god.

Vaping is a popular trend that’s gained a lot of visibility in recent years. About 1 in 20 younger adults have become part of the vaping community lately, and those numbers are continuing to grow.

Like so many other trends, vaping has now become a subculture with a decent online following. Naturally, social media has left people to vote for their leaders via the “follow” button. The top influencers in the community have even been referred to as vape gods, lords, and queens.

But what is it that makes a vaper achieve the status of vape god? It’s a title that only a few share, and you have to know way more than just how to vape rings.

The concept of vape gods is a strange phenomenon that (like so many others) came from the internet. Read on for our take on what it means to be a vape god.

Vape God 101

The vape rig itself is not complicated to operate. Push button, inhale vapor, repeat.

Simple enough, right? Wrong.

Today, vaping culture has gone far beyond its humble beginnings. If you can make a good enough impression, you are elevated above the other vapers out there. With the right skills, you can be a vape god, lord, or queen.

Sure, the concept might seem a bit excessive to those who aren’t involved in this subculture, but there’s still a massive following with a different opinion. It’s a similar concept to beauty gurus, rap gods, or other perceived savants of a particular culture.

You already know that vaping offers its users an abundance of options, from flavors to mods, but what makes someone a vape god? This culture defines it as someone who blows past the ordinary vape clouds and offers something for spectators to admire. Their image and vape skills seem almost supernatural, attracting followers who are very impressed with the way they present themselves.

You’ve Mastered the Basics

To go beyond your basic vapers out there, you have to master the skills that others struggle with. You’re already bored of the same old tricks. You’re beginning to feel like a vape god, vape god.

Jokes aside, you have to have some serious skills in order to be regarded as a vape god. You have to be able to blow rings that outdo the rest of them. Your dragon has to flawless.

The first step at mastering any skill is to excel at the basics. Your beginner’s tricks have to seem effortless. In fact, you have to make them look like your norm.

Vaping culture has come a long way since the basic smoke rings became popular. Since the vapor is so thick and malleable, it leaves an empty canvas for whoever is looking to rise up in the ranks. This leaves a lot of room to go above and beyond what people have grown accustomed to seeing.


You Have a Following

What royal would be complete without his/her subjects? When it comes to being a vape god, the dynamic is quite similar.

In today’s social media-driven society, you can’t really achieve “royalty” in a subculture without having a considerable following. You have to captivate the interests of people who wouldn’t otherwise know your name. In many cases, common interests can attract these people to you, but you have to impress them in order to gain their attention.

A true vape god, lord, or queen has the poise of a performance artist. They have to be interesting enough to have a following of people who are watching what they’re doing. Otherwise, it’s similar to a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it.

Like other cultures, vaping enthusiasts tend to naturally develop into a hierarchy of influencers versus followers. Once you’re impressive enough to attract a lot of followers, you’re officially an influencer or a “vape god.” What you do with your newfound fame is entirely up to you.

You Know What’s Good

As vaping has grown in popularity, so has its product offerings. If you’re a vape god, you know what’s good on the market. People come to you for your expert opinion on what vape juice and vape pen to purchase, as well as miscellaneous niche information that only a vape god would know.

To outsiders, it might be surprising to see how much this product base has grown over the years. Regardless of how you feel about vapes, there are still tons of people out there who are really geeking about them. Coils, features, settings, and design features might seem like meer jargon to the untrained eye; still, there are those that can navigate it with ease.

Still, the vape god, lord, or queen isn’t just recommending basic pens to their followers. They recognize unique models like the Suorin Drop and are able to tell their followers why they’re good. Their knowledge seems to go miles beyond any basic vape enthusiast.

A vape god is a top-notch influencer whose opinion is well-respected in the vape community. If you want to achieve this status, you have to have an unmatched knowledge of what’s available on the market today.

You Can Do Crazy Vape Tricks

Okay, so we’ve established that a vape god has mastered basic tricks and made them look as natural as breathing. However, there is still massive potential to make an even crazier spectacle for your followers. This is what gets people talking and grows the number of followers who are interested in your activities.

Maybe you’ve seen a fair amount of vapor tricks. The basic ingredients are the same: breath and hand motions. However, true vape gods are able to manipulate their vape clouds into impossible shapes that captivate their audience.

Take the double lasso, for example. The trick looks just like you’d imagine, but accomplishing it in a single breath seems like an impossible magic trick. Many give it up long before they ever master it, but the vape gods command their clouds of steam until it’s all possible.

Vape gods have also mastered how to create plants and animals with their vapor smoke tricks as if they truly are God himself. They can create clouds of mushrooms or even a huge jellyfish. These tricks are extremely difficult to master, and won’t be mastered by many who try them.


You’ve Got the Look

As mentioned before, a vape god (or any influencer for that matter) is a performance artist at their roots. While it may be shallow, you have to have the look that keeps all eyes on you. You have to be a sight to behold for your followers.

Many vape gods and vape queens have an edgy appearance, adorned with tattoos, piercings, and unique hair colors that make them stand out from ordinary people. Even if they prefer a softer vibe, their style still shines through in everything they do. Their followers have come to expect it.

As an influencer, your style is your brand. A vape god, lord, or queen is highly recognizable and put their own unique stamp on things. Although it might seem strange to others, those who are interested take it very seriously.

You’re a Vape God on Social Media

Social media is the key to fame for vape gods and other influencers alike. With the right engagement in your online content, you can go from filming low-fi videos blowing smoke rings to becoming famous and enjoying the profits of your newfound internet fame. You might even be recognized on the street by someone who’s interested in your online activity.

Thanks to social media, anyone can achieve royal status. You just have to know the game you’re playing and be able to play it better than the rest. This is especially true for the vaping community, who widely admire those who are going above and beyond the basic tricks.

Viral Instagram trends have definitely made ordinary people achieve god-like status in the online community. The vaping enthusiasts out there have noticed a number of gods from it. Knowing how to gather attention this way can certainly help a vaper achieve god status among their peers.

Celebrities Notice You

As a vaper, you know you’ve made it big when you catch the eye of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. After all, celebrities are also immortalized in American culture and have achieved a godlike status themselves.

Take Drake, for example. He’s big in the music community, but he’s also made appearances in the vaping community as well. He’s even reached out to hot vapers on Instagram and flown them out to meet him.

If you’re appearing on social media with huge celebrities like Drake, then you’ve definitely transcended the status of a basic vaper. You’re no longer just another Millenial. You’ve now achieved Vape God status.

Closing Remarks

If you look at vaping culture compared to almost any other culture, the basic formula is the same. A vape god, lord, or queen is just like any other top influencer in different online subcultures. Although it may seem strange at first glance, the climb is the same.

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