Vegan Meat Substitute: The Ultimate Guide

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An individual can decide to stop eating meat for health reasons even if the person is not a vegan or vegetarian. But it is important for vegans to avoid meat. Of course, it’s what the vegan diet is all about in the first place. Consuming less or avoiding meat completely, is also good for one’s health. But, like using my homework help phrase to get academic assistance, one might also need help to pick a vegan meat substitute, considering the numerous options available. However, this vegan meat substitute guide right here will help you make good choices.

  1. Tofu


    Tofu is a staple in Asian diet and has remained so for many centuries. It’s a highly ranked vegan meat substitute that can replace meat products like beef, pork, fish, chicken and even egg dishes. You will also find restaurants that offer a variety of this vegan meat substitute such as the tofu fried rice, tofu scramble burger, and even tofu moo shu.

    Tofu also contains high calcium and protein, which meat products also supplies the body. So, you are not going to lose vital nutrients when you change to tofu instead of meat, as tofu is a product of the nutrient-rich soybeans. Based on your preference, you can have tofu as firm as meat or a soft variety. If you also like home-cooked foods, tofu is simple to prepare at home, and it requires few ingredients such as soy milk and liquid nigari or nigari flakes (coagulants).

  2. Tempeh


    Tempeh is another inviting vegan meat substitute like tofu. It’s made from fermented soybeans, only that its texture is a bit firmer than tofu. It also contains high fiber, vitamins, proteins, and even calcium. So, your body won’t lack vital nutrients that meat usually provides.

    Tempeh also has a bit of grainy texture than tofu. And while one has to press tofu during production, tempeh doesn’t require it. That’s one advantage of cooking this meat substitute at home. It is quite simple to prepare. It’s also perfect as a fish substitute or ground beef alternative used in chili.

    As earlier said, it’s easy to make tempeh at home. The ingredients are also readily available. Some of them are dry, whole soybeans, vinegar, and the tempeh starter. Just crack and soak the beans for some minutes, then remove the hull and cook with vinegar.  However, if your tempeh has a bitter taste after going through all the processes, then steam for a few minutes before using it.

  3. Jackfruit


    It is surprising to name a fruit as a meat alternative. But Jackfruit has the qualities that make it an excellent meat substitute. It’s also called the jack of all fruits and serves as a rich source of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and protein that can nourish your body. Another interesting fact about this fruit is that it has calories, but no saturated fats or cholesterol.

    Besides being a nutrient-rich food, Jackfruit’s mild taste and texture make it a perfect substitute for meat. You can use any flavor or spice you want to prepare this vegan meat substitute, to get whatever taste you want.

  4. Seitan


    If you do not have issues with gluten, then include seitan on your list of vegan meat substitute to have. But if you are allergic to gluten, then turn to other alternatives. Seitan, also known as wheat gluten, is gotten from gluten, a type of protein found in wheat. It is high in minerals and protein, but considerably low in fat and carbs.

    Seitan is dense but chewable. You can also get the taste of beef, chicken or pork from this meat substitute, depending on the flavor used. Because of its texture, you can fry or grill Seitan like meat, as it would still maintain its consistency. And if you compare the simplicity of online book editor jobs to seitan’s ease of preparation, the latter would be the simplest.




    Finally, you have found a way to avoid meat permanently. These vegan meat substitutes will give you whatever you are looking for or get from meat; taste, texture, nutrient, name it. They are not only healthy but simple to prepare. The recipes are also simple, and you can use them as a substitute for many meat products as well. So, if you have taken a decision not to consume meat anymore, these are the meat alternatives worth considering.