VHS Tapes That Are Now Worth Tons Of Money

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Before streaming services, people would often collect VHS tapes of their favorite movies. Hollywood stars made a killing with these. These came before DVDs and laser discs. In fact, TV shows, concerts, and blockbuster hits were featured on Video Home System (VHS) tapes way after their first release. In fact, the first ever tape was created in Japan from a business named Victor Company. These first came out in the country’s market in the early 1970s. It wasn’t until August 23, 1977 that Americans got a taste of what these tapes were like. People immediately fell in love with the fact that they can now watch their favorite movies any time they wanted. This had immediately become a popular media platform until the 1990s. Then, the players and the tapes died a slow death with the release of the technologically advanced DVDs and discs. There was a certain attraction to the new products because picture and sound were clearer. However, some VHS tapes owners held on to their items for sentimental reasons. Then, there were the more intelligent ones who knew that these would be worth a lot in the future.
That’s because these are considered classics because it defined a generation.