VIDEO | Diver Squares Off With A Man-Eating Humboldt Squid

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Sharks are the least of this diver’s worries when he descends into waters shared with the fearsome Humboldt jumbo squids in La Paz, Mexico.

Although much smaller than their giant and colossal cousins, which have been recorded up to 46 feet long, Humboldt are known for being incredibly aggressive too. With bodies around 4 feet long, not including another few feet of tentacles, the squid can weigh around 110 pounds, according to Oceana.

Humboldts can be found in shallow depths in and around the Eastern Pacific ocean. So basically, an encounter with one of these beasts is very possible.

Their population is recorded to have seen huge growth and increased geographic range over recent years. The squids are beginning to outnumber their predators, which can be seen quite literally in this video.

Their tentacles, ravenous appetites, razor sharp beaks, and pack hunting mentality make them less than ideal swimming buddies.

Lucky for this diver, he escapes with his life, but only barely. He has a dislocated shoulder, broken wrist, imploded eardrum, and a near death experience to brag about.


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