VIDEO | Driver Tries To Flee After Driving Straight Into A Subway Sandwich Shop

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Subway Sandwich accident

If this driver wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol…they are simply crazy!

One man used his dashcam to record a car drive straight into Subway sandwich shop. The car literally drove through the from glass windows and into the store. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the reckless driver than put his car in reverse and backed into a McDonald’s sign. Clearly this guy has it out for all fast food restaurants.

The man who took the video offered it to police, but claims the police didn’t even want to see it as they stated it was just an accident.

I can hear the driver now “Oh, let me see what the sub of the day is…meatball…ugh…f**k that, I’m going to McDonald’s.”

Luckily there were no injuries during the incident.