VIDEO | Giant Wolf Is Just Like A Dog…Except It’s Not…Because It’s A Wolf

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First off…can I just say that this is the biggest wolf I have ever seen! This wolf is massive!

The video below comes from the Colorado Wolf and wildlife center where ‘Danielle’, casually plays around with the wolves. As you are watching the video, you start to forget that you actually watching Danielle interact with real, wild wolves…not domestic dogs. 

The wolves seem happy and they are more than enjoying the love and attention by Danielle. 

Here are a few videos of Danielle and her interaction with these majestic creatures!

Below that…is video of a wolf in captivity…being a wolf and turning ‘wolf’ against her handler. I guess we know who the master truly is now.  


In this video…a group of military men visit a zoo. They enter an enclosure that holds an entire wolf pack. At first, the pack accepted the men, but one wold grabbed on to a soldiers jacket and wouldn’t let go. Once their handler intervened, the wolf turned on her. 

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