VIDEO | Go Inside The Hidden Luxurious Jail Cell Of Drug Kingpin Jarvis Pavao

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Brazilian drug lord Jarvis Chimenes Pavao, has turned his jail cell in Tacumbu prison into a luxury suite.

Jarvis was serving an 8-year sentence when he decided to turn his cell into a luxury apartment. Inmates coined the cell the ‘VIP Cell’ as it featured three rooms, plasma tv’s, a cushy bed and pretty much all the amenities a typical home would have and then some.

Tacumbu penitentiary is considered one of the most overcrowded and violent jails in Paraguay – with inmates often starving to death or being involved in riots.

How did Jarvis pull off such a suite? Well, he paid off guards, judges and anyone else in power. Jarvis paid the guards salaries and paid for the jail library among other bills in the jail. The guards helped Jarvis build the suite and kept the suite hidden from higher ups in the prison system.

Jarvis’ luxurious prison living came to end however at his demise. When authorities got word that Jarvis may be planning to set off a bomb in order to escape…his cell was raided and what was found is absolutely crazy!


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