VIDEO | Hilarious Jack Russell Goes Crazy With Excitement At Dog Show

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If you are an animal lover, you are going to find this hilarious! This little guy can’t hold back his excitement and he just goes absolutely nuts!

Olly is a Jack Russell Terrier and boy is he full of energy. Olly was competing in the ‘agility’ portion of a dog competition recently, along side his handler, ‘Karen’. Olly put on quite the show and I think he definitely proved to the judges that he is agile.

Karen couldn’t help but laugh as Olly flew around the course, weaving and jumping like a maniac. Every so often, Olly would take a moment and go check something out, only to return running 90 miles per hour. 

At one point…Olly totally misses his jump and runs right into the bar…but that didn’t stop him!


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