VIDEO | Meet The World’s Youngest Bearded Lady

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Meet 25-year-old Harnaam Kaur, who according to Guiness World Records, is now the youngest female with a full beard in the world. She hails from Berkshire in the United Kingdom, and is a practicing Sikh.

Kaur’s beard had to meet to following strict criteria in order to qualify:

  • Side burns which are fully integrated into the beard at the jaw line
  • Hair on, covering the chin
  • Hair on cheeks must not be higher than the top of the side burns
  • Hair covering the upper lip (mustache)

Kaur has what’s called polycystic ovary syndrome, which leads to a hormone imbalance and is the cause of her now six-inch beard.

The body positivity model has not always been proud of her unique condition. When she first started growing facial hair during puberty, she admits to trying various hair removal methods in order to fit in.

Kaur even had the opportunity to walk the runway during London Fashion Week, hence becoming the first bearded lady to do so — another record.


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