Video Of Homicide Suspect Running Naked From Virginia Police Officer Is Straight Out Of TV’s ‘Reno 911’

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19-year-old Matthew Bernard is now in custody, but it took a few to snatch him up!

Bernard was wanted as a suspect in a triple homicide. In the video below, Bernard is seen running in what appears to be slow motion, naked — from an officer. At some points in the video, it’s unsure who is chasing who.

Watching the video have you wondering if this is real, and we can assure you that is 100% real, but it truly does look like an clip from the TV show ‘Reno 911’.

A 911 call came in around 8 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27. Officers found three people dead at home; two females and a child. The sheriff’s office said the suspect and the victims are related.

When Virginia State Police went to apprehend the suspect, he took off running — naked. Running in zig-zag patterns across the road and into a parking lot. At one point, the naked man grabbed a hold of a bystander and started to choke him.

We are sure that today wasn’t one of Virginia Police’s finest of days, but they did their job and apprehended this creepo, so kudos to them!