Video Shows Teacher Being Pepper Sprayed By Entitled Student After Her Phone Was Confiscated

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A Tennessee school teacher confiscated a student’s cellphone and he ultimately got peppered sprayed in the face by the student.

A video surfaced on Reddit on May 5th, showing a student from Antioch High School in Tennessee, asking her teacher for her phone back. When the teacher refused, the pepper sprayed him in the face. What is crazy, is the student (a female who’s name is unknown) didn’t seem to care that she had just pepper sprayed a teacher. As the teacher screams ‘She just f**king pepper sprayed me’, the student just kept on asking for her phone back.

In fact, she not only kept asking for her phone back, she tried to take it out of the hands of the teacher multiple times.

Something seems a little off here though. Multiple adult teachers were present and this girl was allowed to continue holding pepper spray, walk around and keep trying to get her phone. Back in my day (1990s), if this happened in my high school — a teacher would have taken that student to the ground and she would be removed from the school forever. And 9 times out of 10, the parents of the kid that was in the wrong, would agree with the school’s actions.

The level of entitlement is super high in this one! 

The following is via Fox News:

The district released a statement to Fox News Digital, which said the student received disciplinary action and that the incident was reported to police.

“The pepper-spray incident at Antioch High School represents a serious violation of law and our school policies, and the student involved has received appropriate disciplinary consequences in accordance with the student-parent handbook. An incident report was filed on Friday with the Metro Nashville Police Department through the school’s SRO for further investigation, and the teacher received immediate medical assistance from the school nurse,” the statement read. “Due to FERPA’s student privacy protections, I’m not able to publicly share the specific disciplinary consequences for a student.”