VIDEO | Steve-O Stunt Goes Seriously Wrong

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“Jackass” daredevil Steve-O broke his right ankle and left heel this weekend — and the pain was captured on camera.

Sunday’s stunt started off with the 42-year-old standing on top of a Porta Potty on his skateboard. Professional skater Danny Way then drove through the Porta Potty, wrecking it and sending Steve-O airborne.

Unfortunately for Steve-O, the third attempt wasn’t the charm for the stunt, and he took a hard fall, landing on his heel and twisting his ankle in what may be the worst possible way.


Steve-O dislocated and broke his right ankle in three places and also broke his left heel. He’ll have to undergo surgery to repair the damage, TMZ reports, and because of his history of addiction and drug use (including allegedly snorting cocaine with Mike Tyson), he reportedly won’t be able to use painkillers to get through the experience.


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