VIDEO | This Is What A $21,000 First Class Flight From Dubai To New York City Looks Like

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This is simply remarkable and as I watched the video, I slowly became completely jealous of anyone who flies like this on a normal basis.

This $21,000, 14-hour flight from New York City to Dubai is everything you ever wanted in a plane ride.

Professional Youtuber Casey Neistat received a free upgrade from business class to first class on his flight from Dubai to New York City and it did not disappoint.

Thankfully, Casey documented the entire thing and revealed what $21,000 worth of perks gets you on a United Arab Emirates flight. I was completely captivated by his experience and couldn’t stop watching the video to see what was next!

I don’t ever want to fly coach again! Just wait until you see the shower! Yea…a hot and steamy shower at 43,000 feet!


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