VIDEO | This Is What Happens When An Engineering Student Plans A Prank!

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Everyone loves a good prank and sometimes the simplest of pranks are the best!

In this video you will see one kid who pulled one over on his buddy and the set up is easy enough that you can pull it off too!

I would just make sure that you have a cool enough buddy to handle the outcome! The last think you want to do is lose a friend over a silly, yet awesome prank!

The set up is easy. Show your friend how to throw a log into a bucket while blindfolded. Easy enough right? Then blindfold your buddy and have him try to throw the log into the bucket. However, while your friend is blindfolded, remove the bucket and place a long board over another log, creating a see-saw. Make sure to put the long end in between your friends legs. When the log is thrown, it will it the top portion of the board, causing the long portion to fly up and well…you will see!


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