VIDEO | Tom Brady Addressing The Case Of His Missing Game Jersey

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Tom Brady has once again done the unimaginable during Super Bowl 51 and he did it all while wearing the same number 12 jersey he has worn during all the rest of his incredible accomplishments. After the Super Bowl, Tom Brady headed to the Patriots locker room to celebrate and change out of this gear. Brady took off his jersey and placed it into his bag which was inside of his locker. A few moments later, the jersey was missing and has yet to be found. 

The jersey hold countless hours of practice, training, blood, sweat and tears. Most important of all, the jersey was Tom Brady’s…it is irreplaceable and it belongs in Brady’s possession. 

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

One sports memorabilia seller in New York City made a statement saying that the jersey is worth upwards of $500,000 and that it is highly unlikely that we will see the jersey for sale anywhere publicly. Most memorabilia items that are stolen are of high value, both monetarily and emotionally and will likely be traded/sold on the black market. 

Tom Brady was asked about the missing jersey at a news conference and below you can his response. Although Brady appears to downplay the missing jersey, there is no doubt that the jersey means more to Brady than the Super Bowl game itself. That jersey belongs in Brady’s private collection for sure. 

The Texas Governor held a press conference stated that he has placed the Texas Rangers on the case of the missing jersey. The Governor stated that hospitality and football are held in very high regards in Texas and there is no way that history is going to show that Brady’s jersey was stolen in Texas. 

Where is Chuck Norris (Walker Texas Ranger) when you need him?


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