31 Vintage Photos Of Old-School Parenting That Would Horrify People Today

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Our parents can be extremely critical when it comes to how we raise our children. They’d point out that we’re overprotective, we’re spoiling our kids, we let them watch too much TV, or allow them to spend too much time on their gadgets. When we do try to discipline our children, they’ll say we’re scolding excessively, and they’ll be coddling our kids while making us the bad guy. From telling us how everything that we’re doing is wrong to giving us a ton of unwarranted advice but zero encouragement, every visit from our folks can drive us crazy.
There is a theory though that our parents use our children in an attempt to correct their own parenting mistakes from the past. Sure, maybe we don’t let our kids out to ride their bikes without a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, sunscreen, and an insect repellant, but our parents may have once put us in situations where we could’ve ended up with more than just scraped knees. So, the next you hear your mom or dad say, “Back in my day…,” whip out that picture of your four-year-old self with a boa constrictor around your shoulders.
Take a look at these shocking vintage photos of old-school parenting that wouldn’t fly by today’s standards.