Virtual Recruiting In A Post Covid-19 World

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As our lives slowly return to normalcy post Coronavirus, it is naive to believe that things will be as they always were. These times have changed the way we do things, one of the main ones being employment.

The pandemic saw a considerable increase in unemployment, as companies and businesses let go of employees in large numbers. However, companies are once again starting up and will soon begin hiring. But recruitment will no longer be the same, as it has now moved to the digital platform and will surely remain there indefinitely.

This prospect can seem daunting, which is why we present our top 5 ways you can prepare and excel in this virtual era of recruitment, post-COVID. Keep reading to know more.

1. Make a LinkedIn profile

The first tool that will be paramount in helping you in the recruitment process is a strong LinkedIn profile. In this digital era, LinkedIn is what will allow recruiters to get their first impression of prospective candidates. A brief but to the point profile that showcases all your achievements and milestones will surely interest people. It’ll also help you build a network with other players in the field, and gain new and varied ideas about your industry. You can research corporations that you have an interest in as well.

2. Get familiar with video interviews

Another giant change that will come as a result of Coronavirus is the shift from human to remote interviews. Video interviews, though software like Skype and Zoom, will become the norm. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the code and conduct of being a part of remote interviews, if you want to stand out. Practice speaking and communicating to ensure that the digital barrier doesn’t prevent you from showcasing your talents to the fullest. A successful video interview will immediately push you into the limelight and in favour of your superiors.

3. Enrol in job agencies

The third step is to enrol in online recruitment agencies. These organisations will help you adjust to changes in the job environment by putting forward your job application to all companies which are hiring. They are a great tool for beginners, for whom navigating the job market, especially during this period of change, can be daunting. There is also the option of temp agency if you want to change fields and are looking to jump into temporary work.

4. Build your digital skillset

If digital proficiency wasn’t required before, it sure is essential now. Building your online and digital skills is crucial during this time, as it will have the most significant impact on your employers and hires now. Several online courses can help you gain in-depth knowledge of the digital aspects of your industry as well as of new fields that you haven’t set foot into. By having a good idea about online business analytics, you will be able to come off as one who is prepared and aware of the trade environment changes.

5. Be ready to face constant change

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure that you’re prepared to navigate a period of tumultuous change. It is impossible to have a clear idea of what the job market will be like, once we start living a COVID free life again. Our assumptions may even turn out to be entirely wrong. Hence, you must be prepared to adapt yourself to whatever changes come your way. Train yourself to unlearn the old and learn the new, and do so enthusiastically. This will undoubtedly have a significant impact on those looking to hire, as it shows keen flexibility, that is hard to find.

Larry Alton is a blogger and passionate writer at She loves cooking and is fond of travelling.