Visions Of ‘Made-In-Maine’ Pot Brownies Are Dancing In Their Heads

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Visions Of ‘Made-In-Maine’ Pot Brownies Are Dancing In Their Heads…at least that is what’s going through the minds of money hungry Maine entrepreneurs!

Maine voted in November to legalize recreational marijuana, but that law has not yet taken effect.

Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general has criticized the Obama administration for not enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have decriminalized the drug.

So, with that said, some Mainers big plans for combining marijuana with your favorite tasty treat(s) may light up and quickly fizzle out. (Boooooooo). 

“It is a total blank canvas,” D. Michael Brooks, a Freeport tech executive exploring the world of cannabis-infused edibles, said. “We have a palette full of colors, and it’s my job to fill it.”

By the end of 2017, Brooks, a former medical marijuana caregiver in California, intends to launch a company called The Stockholm Group, named for Portland’s similarity to the Swedish capital. Both are historic, coastal, food-friendly cities.

He is looking for space in Greater Portland to manufacture and sell pot-powered nutrition sports bars and open a boutique or social club. – WGME

A few farmers in Jay, who own ‘Tree Tap Extracts’ say they plan to market their invention of pot infused maple sugar to Portland coffee shops and specialty stores. (Yum)

Although President elect Trump is not keen on lax laws on marijuana, one good thing about Trump, is the fact he is all about job creation. With the legalization of marijuana in Maine and a ton of hungry entrepreneurs, job creation would be huge! Marijuana would be a massive tax revenue boost to the state, while Mainers would find a whole new outlet for work! 

What do you think about the legalization of marijuana in Maine? Good for the Maine people? Or a bad decision? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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