General Overview Of VMware 2V0-642 Exam

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VMware 2V0-642 Exam

VMware is the top vendor in providing professional certifications to individuals who have skills and experience to operate the VMware network infrastructure. The certification we are going to focus on in this article is VCP6-NV certification, which allows you to manage and administer virtual networks inNSX environments, thus, giving you green light to conduct secret operations for your company.

This certification is important for your IT skills and expertise. It is also aimed at preparing the candidates for the work environment in the IT sector jobs. The relevant exam you need to take is Network Virtualization Exam (2V0-642).which has been designed to examine the candidate’s ability to deal with VMware NSX 6.2 environment. It involves testing skills for installation and configuration in the network. Before appearing for the exam, it is imperative that the candidates acquire the skills required for installing, organizing, and administering an NSX network.

The candidates should also complete all the requirements of the course to obtain the certificate. The course requirements can be finished before or after taking the exam.


VMware 2V0-642 Exam is a 120-minute test with a total of 77 questions. The test will be a mixture of single and multiple-choice questions. This exam is invigilated throughout the duration of 120 minutes. It also entails a fee of USD 250. The passing score for the exam is 300 points. The question paper will contain both scored and unscored questions, as a standard practice. The scores are scaled from 100 to 500 points, with 300 as the passing mark. The language options for this exam include English and Japanese.


VMware 2V0-642 Exam is intended for candidates who have work experience in NSX network implementations. A number of IT personnel such as cloud computing administrators, datacenter workers, networking operators, virtualization specialists and more, can appear for this exam. The test is aimed at testing the candidates’ skills regarding administering and troubleshooting in VMware NSX network. Candidates booking the exam should have at least one certification from the recognized networking industry. An experience of 2-3 years in a datacentre is equivalent and will also work.


Candidates appearing for VMware 2V0-642 Exam have to read and understand all the objectives of the certificate. The whole exam is divided into 10 sections, each with its own sub-sections and objectives. The first section tests the understanding of NSX technology and architecture.

The second section deals with the physical requirements of NSX infrastructure. Section 3 is related to the configuration and management processes for vSphere Networking. Section 4 is for installation and upgradation of NSX.

Sections 5 and 6 deal with the configuration and management of NSX network and network services, respectively. The next section is related to the administration of network security. Section 8 tests how to positiona Cross-vCenter and section 9 examines the operations on NSX environment. The final section deals with the troubleshooting processes for virtualization.


Reasons to BecomeVMware 2V0-642 Certified

For any IT professional,VMware 2V0-642 certification brings in a great surge of opportunities. The primary reason to pursue this certificate course is that it adds value to your career development. In case you want to be sure of why it is beneficial for you, read ahead to know all the reasons:

  1. Recognition for Your Aptitude – VMware is recognized as a market leader. The company’s certification is fully-recognized and reputed. VMware’s virtualization is also a breakthrough in the IT world. Therefore, if you have the skills to work in the NSX environment, then you must get this certificate to prove your worth in this weighted domain. It addresses your technical skills and training to deem you as an experienced professional.
  1. Virtualization and Skill UpgradationVMware 2V0-642 exam is your gateway to the professional world of virtualization. Virtualization is a rapidly growing domain and requires highly-qualified personnel. For those who wish to build a glorifying career in this field, this certification is a great way to go ahead. With this certificate course, you have the opportunity to upgrade your skills and progress further in the field of virtualization. This course is network focused and gives you the training to expand your skillset.
  1. Developing Demand – Another significant reason for you to pursue this exam is the growing demand for VMware virtualization and NSX network. VMware is a reputed subsidiary of Dell Technologies and holds a substantial standing in the market. In order to meet the gap between the demand and supply of VMware professionals, VMware 2V0-642 exam will get you some impressive work to learn more and enhance your career. Furthermore, technology is never going to stop. The more you know, the better you grow.
  1. VMware Digital Badge–A great reason to convince yourself to take VMware 2V0-642 exam and course is the digital badge it offers. Digital badges from VMware have global recognition as well as a reputation of the best. If you get this certificate, you will acquire a recognized verification of your skills and knowledge. This digital badge will entail all the details about your certification progress, such as the efforts you put in for clearing the exam. It is also a testament to your expertise and a singular platform for all your credentials.
  1. VMware Perks – With VMware 2V0-642 certification, you get to enjoy a number of perks from the official VMware platform. First, you get a complimentary license to VMware Workstation Pro to get great work experience for your systems. In addition to this, you get full access to VMware official store for merchandise purchase. VMware Press also gives you discounts and discounted entries to the events. You also get a feature of yourself in the VCDX online directory.
  1. Career Advancement – If it is not apparent just yet, VMware 2V0-642 exam gives you the right impetus to take your career forward. The technology sector is ever growing and your skills can very easily become obsolete in these fast-pacing times. With this certification, you have a stamp of guarantee for your skills in a field that is still developing and provides you with the budding career opportunities.
  1. Recruitment and Upward Mobility –If you already have a well-established career in the field of virtualization, you have the opportunity to work your way up the ladder. VMware

2V0-642 certification makes it more probable for you to get recruited at a higher position in a firm.

On the whole, VMware 2V0-642 exam is a crucial certificate course for the aspirants and personnel in the IT sector. It hones your skill, trains your mind, verifies your expertise, and gives you the right career progression opportunities.