Couple Leaves Student Waitress A $400 Tip. When She Went To Thank Them, They Surprised Her Again!

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We just love stories like these!

Cayla Chandara left her home in California to attend college in Hawaii. While she attends college, she works as a waitress to support her living expenses and to pay back her student loans.

Cayla was working a shift at Niobium’s Thai Cuisine in Waikiki, Honolulu, where she waited on an Australian couple on vacation. Cayla and the couple hit it off and had the usually casual, positive chat that many customers and waitstaff often have.

When the couple was finished dining, Cayla gave them the bill, which they paid and left. Cayla was shocked to see a tip of $400, nearly double what the bill was.

waitress big tip

During dinner, the couple had told Cayla where they were staying, so after work the waitress ran their hotel to thank them. She was able to send a note, flowers, and chocolates to thank the couple for their outrageous generosity.

waitress big tip

The couple wasn’t done with Cayla yet though!

The next day, the couple returned to the restaurant and paid off Cayla’s student loans and all debt…over $10,000 worth! They only asked that Cayla strive to be her best self and that their donation remain anonymous.

How awesome is this!

Check out the entire story below!


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