Waitress Receives 5-Cent Tip And A Nasty Note Slamming Face Masks

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A waitress in Lincoln, Nebraska., was recently given a 5-cent tip from a customer who apparently wasn’t a fan of the city’s mask mandate.

On Monday, Twitter user Ali Siverhus posted a picture of the receipt, which also had a note.

“Get rid of masks, tips will be bigger,” the note said, just above where the customer wrote in only 5 cents on the $38.15 meal.

In her tweet, Siverhus also included a screenshot of a post she had made on Facebook, where she called the incident “wrong on so many levels.”

“First and foremost, the masks are a city mandate and there is nothing I or management can do about it,” she wrote.

“Second, servers make less than 3$ [sic] an hour typically, so our entire pay depends on tips,” she added later in her post. “I was very nice to this guy and his young son, they got their drinks and food on time and when I asked them how everything was tasting, he said it was good and had no complaints.”

According to the Lincoln city website, masks have been required in indoor spaces since July 20, with several exceptions including while eating at a restaurant or bar.