Walmart Associate Shares Emotional Video Of Customer Trying To Steal Bacon – ‘Help Someone Today’.

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Michelle Culver McGee is a Walmart associate and she has quite the message to share with the world.

Michelle took to Facebook live after one of her recent Walmart shift’s ended, to share an emotional story, directed to those who are hoarding food and supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In short, Michelle tells a tale about a man she ‘caught’ hiding items inside of his jacket. It was nearing the end of her shift and she witnessed a man, wearing a zipped up jacket, trying to conceal items in which he had stolen. The man noticed her and knew he was caught. He removed the items from his jacket and walked over to Michelle, where she asked him what it was he was doing. His response, ‘I’m just hungry’.

Michelle goes on to tell the man that she will purchased some food for him and the two picked through the various food items that were left in the store. After purchasing $14 worth of groceries for the man, she offered him the last $5 she had in her pocket. The man accepted, as he needed gas to get back home.

Michelle then had a blunt message for the people who are stocking up on food and buying out their local store’s inventory on a daily basis. ‘Help someone today‘. There are people who can’t afford to stock up on food and they are hungry.

After the man left, Michelle went to see what the man had removed from his jacket. It was a small package of bacon – that was it. She goes on to say that this man was not a thief, because if he was, he would have stolen the larger package of bacon that lay right next to the smaller package he took. He could have stolen expensive steaks and meats, but he didn’t.

It only takes a moment to help someone in need. Many people have fallen on hard times. People who typically earn a decent paycheck, are not earning. So just imagine how hard it is for those who don’t normally earn a decent paycheck, right now.

Help your fellow neighbor. If are able to afford months worth of food, offering up $14 worth of groceries to someone who can’t afford food right now – could make all the difference in their lives.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.