The Secret ‘Super Tasty’ Walmart Bakery Item That You Need To Know About!

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Everyone knows that you stroll into Walmart for deodorant and maybe a tub of ice cream and end up walking out with a cart full of stuff you probably don’t need. Well, there is an item that you are going to want to add to your next cart full and it is a tasty, tasty treat!

Walmart is introducing a new treat in their bakery section. Remember the obsession that the yummy cronut caused back in 2013? Well this is better than that!

It’s called a Crotilla (pronounced Crow-tee-ah), and it’s a combination between a croissant and a tortilla.

It’s flakier and butterier than a naan or pita!

Walmart Crotilla

On Monday, April 17, about 800 Walmart stores nationwide started selling Crotillas. Each 8-pack will set you back $3.98!

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