Walmart Is Now Selling Its Own Cheap ‘Craft’ Beer…Complete With Quirky Names

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Complete with quirky names like Cat’s Away IPA, After Party Pale Ale, and Pack of Trouble, Walmart teamed up with a company called Trouble Brewing to create its own line of craft brews, which it started selling in early 2016, the Washington Post reports.

You would never know that Walmart is behind the brews though, as their name isn’t attached to any of the advertising, labels or branding. 

No word yet if the new brews will cause an instant hangover, but I guess much of the country will soon find out. 

In the end, you’ll likely get what you pay for: though these private label brands go for as much as $5 less than other craft brands, a team of WaPo staffers weighed in on one Trouble Brewing beverage, calling it “flabby,” and “good for flip cup.” Another was described as, “bland nothingness” and “lacking an identifiable taste.”


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