Want To Be A COD Warfare Pro? 5 Tricks To Earn The Highest Killstreaks

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We bet none of the millennials grew up without playing games. In fact, most of the memories from our teenage years run back to the time when coming back from school and getting glued to the gaming console was a daily ritual. From evergreen arcade games like Mario to thrilling action games like GTA – it’s safe to say that the 90s kids enjoyed the best of the games.

Guess that’s why games form such a huge, quintessential part of our youth. And surprisingly, even today, we love playing games just as much – thanks to stunners like Call of Duty that very recently surpassed a total of 110 millionmonthly players!

Those are incredible numbers, we know, but the game is just equally mind-blowing! However, it is not easy to ace the killstreaks there. So, what to do if you want to become a COD Warfare pro? Shh, here are 5 tricks to help you earn the highest killstreaks:

1. Shooting the Personal Radars and UAVs is important

We are breaking the eggs for you, so make sure your friends don’t get a clue about this hell of a hack! Most often than not, even the pro gamers tend to spare the enemy’s Personal Radar or UAVs because they seemingly don’t matter enough. Besides, shooting down the Personal Radar or UAV used to cost tens of rifle clips.

In fact, in the previous COD games, shooting down killstreaks with any usual weapon was a pang because it was not at all easy. However, when talking about COD Modern Warfare, shooting down Personal Radars and UAVs can be done with just a single clip of an assault rifle, and obviously, it also adds to the killstreak.

2. Rifle hacks? Use M4A1 Assault Rifle and 725 Shotgun like a pro

A little pro advice won’t hurt, right? Well, if we assure you that this trick here will legit boost your killstreak, then it probably shouldn’t hurt. We know, there are literally a lot of guns and arms to choose from and it is very uncanny to advise using these two guns in general, but trust me, this trick works wonders.

In fact, it won’t be an overstatement if we say that these two, especially the M4A1 are amongst the best weapons, assured to help you achieve greater killstreaks.

3. Amplify your sensitivity – slowly but gradually

In case you haven’t already realized, the COD Modern Warfare allows a very low time-to-kill, which actually tests if you are a wondrous twitch shooter or not. And well, this feature often puts you in a tough spot and you are at a higher risk of missing the shot, which can often be deadly.

But here’s how you can make the best use of it. When you slowly start turning up your sensitivity, you become more prone to hitting the target more precisely, thus becoming a pro twitch shooter and elevating your killstreaks like an OG!

4. Turn up the headphones volume to listen to the footsteps

This is one slick trick, so must pay attention! Unlike the other old versions of the game, in COD Modern Warfare, the footsteps can be heard loud and clear. This turns out to be a huge advantage when it comes to locating the enemy’s exact position.

So, when you turn up the volume of your headphones, you get a clear sound of the enemy’s footsteps that helps you in getting prepared and ultimately add to your killstreaks. You can also explore more Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Hacks to guarantee a win!

5. Push through the buildings and try peeping through the corners

Gone are the days when COD was a game that required the gamer to be rapid and prompt. The very recent Modern Warfare version of COD is a rather slow-paced game.

So, if you are used to quickly running around the map and hastily going from one location to another – it’s about time you start working on adjusting your speed. In fact, take this as a chance to brush up on certain skills like peeking through peek function and other such features.

Over to you…

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is a game that is highly loved by people of all age groups, mostly because it is an enticing game, playable even on phone. But then again, not leading the killstreaks charts can hurt a little, especially when you are a die-hard COD fanatic. Here, we cited 5 tricks to earn the highest killstreaks in COD Modern Warfare. Read this guide and become a pro.