Want To Be A DIY YouTuber? Just Watch This Ultimate Guide

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Do you have a story to tell? Or maybe you are passionate about creating videos. Maybe you are looking to market yourself as a DIY expert, want to be an influencer, or want more reach on social media? Starting a YouTube channel can help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are a DIY professional wanting to create content that gets numerous views, an existing business wanting to inform customers about your products, or anyone wanting to reach a bigger audience, starting a YouTube channel can do wonders.

Wondering how to create fascinating videos or be a popular YouTuber? Check out the article below to gain a detailed insight!

What To Prepare Before Starting Your DIY YouTube Channel?

1. Plan Your Video Content

Before creating your channel, you need to decide on the kind of content that you wish to show. The ideal way to increase your views, likes, and gain followers is to keep your content engaging and interesting. Remember; the more people can relate to it, the more they will want to click on it and watch till the end.

2. Develop A Strategy

Besides planning the kind of content you will form, you also need some kind of strategy. You need to create a strategy that will actually follow. Consider asking yourself a few vital questions to develop an effective strategy:

  • What do you want your channel to achieve on YouTube?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why should they watch your videos?
  • How are you going to deliver your content?

3. Get The Right Equipment

Even though using a smartphone is an acceptable way to shoot videos, investing in the right equipment is essential if you want viewers to enjoy your content. Most DIY YouTubers use DSLR cameras and other important accessories for videography like lenses, tripods, and studio lighting.

4. Seek Inspiration

As a first-timer, it might be challenging to come up with new and fresh content that matches the hype of your first few videos. But, worry not – even veteran YouTubers go through the same thing every once in a while. So, look for inspiration everywhere – even when you are taking a break from shooting videos. Jot down your ideas instantly. You can even check out other videos and build upon their ideas to make them your own.

How To Create Awesome DIY Videos?

Step-1: Research Your Idea

Brainstorming ideas is important to create a killer YouTube video for success. Do comprehensive research by searching for phrases and keywords that are used by similar videos. Take a note of the thumbnail images and titles they are using.

Step-2: Choose A Title

Start with a rough title so that you have something to work with. If you are making an informational video, pick a title that suggests your videos’ value.

Step-3: Script It Correctly

After you get a solid idea and a preliminary title, consider listing down the questions and points you wish to cover in your video.

Step-4: Get The Best Camera

Find the right camera for the kind of video you are shooting. Use a tripod to ensure you do not have shaky footage that looks amateur-ish.

Step-5: Choose A Location

Your location should support your content. Look for a quiet location with an environment that complements the story of your video and matches the goals.

Step-6: Get Great Lighting

When the lighting is done right, it makes your video look professional. Ensure you illuminate your scene with natural light or a pro-lighting kit.

Step-7: Shoot In Sections

Divide your shots into different groups to avoid confusion in the editing phase. This will keep your footage organized.

Step-8: Capture Audio Right

Ensure you use a microphone as poor sound quality can be a deal-breaker. Also, keep your camera near the subject so that it can pick up the sound properly.

Step-9: Edit Your Video Smartly

Once you’re done with raw shooting, it’s time to edit your videos and fortunately, you do not have to be a skilled video editor for this purpose. With Wondershare Filmii – one of the most powerful and popular video editing software, you can edit and make awesome videos quickly for your channel.

By using the variety of in-built templates included in Filmii, you can easily edit your DIY videos in minutes. Filmii’s smart templates can detect, correct imperfections such as blurry images, camera shakes, and recognize the crucial aspects of your clips by detecting the faces and movements.

Step-10: Export & Upload Your Video

After making the final changes, export your video and make sure you save an extra copy to your backup drive. Next, sign in to YouTube and tap “Upload Video” in the drop-down menu. Choose “Public” so that everyone can view your video.

Tips For Promoting Your DIY Channel

  • Social Media

If you already have followers on social media, they can be your first fans. For instance, if you already have a strong base of followers on Instagram, ensure you have a vision that’s different from your YouTube channel. Share a behind-the-scenes’ video on Instagram to get your followers excited for watching your YouTube video.

  • Collaborate

There’s more to working with other YouTubers than just networking. Besides growing your contacts, you also get to widen your audience. When other YouTubers share your collaborations with their audience, it will expose their audience to your YouTube channel. This will be a win-win for everyone.

  • Forums

This is another excellent way to promote your YouTube channel, particularly the big forums like Reddit. You need to look for a community that’s relevant to your kind of content and then share your best content only.


Make sure you clearly define your purpose and decide on the niche you want to target before anything else. Once you make your mind, turn to YouTube, and launch your channel to kick off your dreams!